Pick the plan that lets you pick ANY dentist!

There’s only one person that should pick your dentist…YOU. Why not pick the dental plan which allows you to pick ANY dentist?

Louisiana State Employees: Now you have the power to pick any dentist with Starmount's Preferred Dental Plan (available through the ISIS HR Payroll System).
What Does it Cost?
* Premiums effective January 1, 2024 -
December 31, 2025 and based per pay period.
Featured Benefits:
  • You pick the dentist
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy enrollment – we take the work out of enrolling
  • Pays 100% of preventative services (First year: 80%; Thereafter: 100%)
  • No waiting periods
  • Carryover Benefit Rider – A portion of your unused annual maximum is available for future expenses.

How does it work?

  • A $50 annual deductible (applies to Classes 2 & 3 only, max. 3 per family).
  • Annual maximum of $1,000 per person.
  • No waiting periods.
  • Carryover Benefit Rider – A portion of your unused annual maximum is available for future expenses. Click Here for further details.
Payments increase in the first three years you are in the plan and are based on reasonable and customary charges of your area, with the following adjustments per person:
PREVENTIVE (CLASS 1) 80% 100%* 100%*
BASIC (CLASS 2) 50% 65% 80%
MAJOR (CLASS 3) 25% 35% 50%
ORTHODONTIA (CLASS 4) 25% 35% 50%
* Preventive services are paid at 100% of maximum allowable (years 2 and 3).
Dependent Children: Dependent children are covered to age 26.
Minimal Paperwork Required: 90% of claims are submitted by dentists directly to Starmount.

How do I enroll? It is easy!

  1. Call us toll-free at 1-888-400-9303(or 400-9303 in Baton Rouge). We’ll fill the enrollment form out for you – right over the phone!
  2. Click here to complete an on-line application and submit it directly to us. We'll contact you to complete the process.

Takeover Benefits:

If you already have dental insurance through the State Uniform Payroll System, and choose to elect Starmount’s program, we will give you credit for the time you have had coverage with your prior carrier. Example: If you have been on another State-sponsored plan for one year, you would be eligible for year two of benefits with Starmount. Takeover benefits are available only to those individuals insured under another State-sponsored dental insurance plan in effect at the time of your application (excludes discount plans).
You must provide prior carrier’s "Explanation of Benefits" forms to verify Orthodontic procedures completed under the prior plan in order for payments to be made.
The prior carrier is responsible for reimbursement of costs for procedures begun prior to the effective date.

DEDUCTIBLE $50 per benefit year. Maximum 3 per family. Does not apply to Preventive (Class 1) or Orthodontia (Class 4) Services.
BENEFIT YEAR MAXIMUM $1000 per benefit year (Includes Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 Services)
  • Routine exams (2 per 12 months)
  • Prophylaxis (2 per 12 months**)
  • Space maintainers for children up to age 16
  • Sealants for children up to age 16
  • Full mouth/Panoramic x-rays (1 per 24 months)
  • Bitewing X-rays (max 4 films; 1 per 12 months)
  • Fluoride for children up to age 16 (1 per 12 months)
  • Adjunctive Pre-Diagnostic Oral Cancer Screening (1 per 12 months for age 40+)
  • Emergency treatment
  • Simple restorative services (fillings)
  • Simple extractions
  • Denture and crown repair
  • Oral surgery (extractions and impacted teeth) including anesthesia
  • Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Endosteal Implants
  • Endodontics (Root Canals)
  • Periodontics (Gum Treatment)
  • Dependent children to age 19 only
  • Annual maximum benefit: $500
  • Lifetime maximum benefit: $1,000
** One additional cleaning or periodontal maintenance per 12 months, if member is in second or third trimester of pregnancy.

Services Not Listed:

If you expect to require a dental service not listed above, it may still be covered. Please contact our Dental Team at 1-888-400-9303 to confirm your exact benefits.
Preauthorization of Claims: Starmount recommends preauthorization of any services expected to cost $300 or more.

Summary of Limitations & Exclusions

Exclusions: The following services are not covered.
Members whose dental plan includes coverage of crowns and bridges will have the option of choosing an endosteal implant to replace a missing tooth instead of a conventional fixed 3-unit bridge, when a 3-unit bridge is approved for coverage. Crowns placed on implants will also be covered. Other implants or implant related services are not covered.

  • Any treatment which is elective or primarily cosmetic in nature and not generally recognized as a generally accepted dental practice by the American Dental Association, as well as any replacement of prior cosmetic restorations;
  • Multiple x-rays done on same date of service will be combined to a full-mouth x-ray;
  • Cosmetic restorations on posterior permanent teeth and all primary teeth will be given alternate benefit;
  • Anesthesia is covered with complex oral surgery only.Charges are subject to review. Pre-treatment estimate is recommended;
  • The correction of congenital malformations;
  • The replacement of lost or discarded or stolen appliances;
  • Replacement of bridges, dentures, crowns, inlays, onlays or dentures unless more than five [5] years old and cannot be made serviceable;
  • Appliances, services or procedures relating to: (i) the change or maintenance or vertical dimension; (ii) restoration of occlusion; (iii) splinting; (iv) correction of attrition, abrasion, erosion or abfraction; (v) bite registration or (vi) bite analysis;
  • Services provided for any type of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunctions, muscular, skeletal deficiencies involving TMJ or related structures, myofascial pain;
  • Charges for: implants of any type, and all related procedures (except noted above), removal of implants, precision or semiprecision attachments, denture duplication, overdentures and any associated surgery, or other customized services or attachments;
  • Dentures, bridges, implants and partials for teeth missing prior to effective date of coverage. Some exceptions apply and are detailed in the Certificate of Coverage.
  • Any procedure begun or appliance installed before an insured became insured under the policy

Louisiana State benefit enrollment and termination rules apply. Contact your benefits administrator for details.

Termination Dates:

Coverage for you and all covered dependants stops on the earliest of the following dates:

  • The date the policy terminates
  • The date the policyholder's coverage terminates under the policy
  • The last day of the month in which you are no longer an eligible member
  • The date you die
  • On any premium due date if full payment for your insurance is not made within 31 days following the premium due date

In addition, coverage for each covered dependent stops on the earliest of:

  • The date he is no longer an eligible dependent
  • The date we receive your request to terminate covered dependent coverage

This is subject to any limitation imposed by the Policyholder as to when a change is permitted; e.g. under an Open Enrollment period.

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